Our Mission

The mission of UC Berkeley Corporate Education is to connect forward-thinking leaders and organizations with the leading edge faculty of UC Berkeley to solve strategic challenges.

Our Vision

We leverage the world-renowned faculty of the University of California Berkeley and our network into the vibrant ecosystem of Silicon Valley enabling client organizations to innovate, re-calibrate, and thrive in the ever-changing economy of the future.

We enlist UC Berkeley Faculty with specialties in Business, Psychology, Engineering, Design Thinking, Artificial Intelligence among other areas to produce comprehensive impact for our clients.

Custom Education

Our Custom Education Programs are designed to reflect each client's hyper-focused areas of need. Every curriculum is unique.  We focus on the exact strategic business results desired.  We operate from the mindset real-world learning leads to long-term impact.


Our Berkeley Institute for Leadership Development (BILD) programs are high-touch, long-term initiatives focused on leadership teams achieving specific, measurable results.  Senior Learning Leaders work hands-on with participants before, during and after in-person sessions.  Results are measured against pre-determined business goals.

Tap into UC Berkeley Intellectual Leadership

  • Artificial Intelligence Leadership
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Analytics
  • Design Thinking
  • Leadership Development
  • Program Management

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Featured Learning Leaders

Our Faculty & Instructors are drawn from all schools at the University of California -- Berkeley.  Depending on a client's needs, we combine senior faculty with accomplished industry practitioners.  Please contact us to discuss your needs and which of our Learning Leaders would be most advantageous for your organization.


Gary Katzenstein

Professor, UC Irvine, Focus on organizational behavior, international business and communication


Photo of Professor Dacher Keltner

Dacher Keltner

Professor, UC Berkeley, Co-Director of the Greater Good Science Center, Department of Psychology


Danielle Harlan

Founder and CEO of the Center for Advancing Leadership and Human Potential

The UC Berkeley Corporate Education Team

We work with you to determine your needs and we insure that the faculty and content will deliver the most value for your organization.

The Chief Sq2

Robert David

Managing Director,

UC Berkeley Corporate Education


Paul Mason

Senior Manager,

UC Berkeley Corporate Education


Andrea McEvoy

Senior Manager, L & D

UC Berkeley Corporate Education

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