Join Berkeley Corporate Education at the Learning Leaders Conference (September 8-10, 2019)

UC Berkeley Corporate Education is participating in the Learning Leaders Conference this September 8 – 10, 2019, in Washington DC. This conference brings together current and aspiring leaders in the learning and talent development profession with a mission to share stories of successes and challenges that will enable us to solve new and future workforce problems together.

The conference will be hosted by four former and current chief learning officers from Hilton, Qualcomm, Home Depot, and Caterpillar. RedThread Research also will be there working with us to hack solutions for upskilling and diversity & inclusion challenges facing our workforce.

UC Berkeley Corporate Education connects forward-thinking leaders and organizations with the expertise and resources to solve strategic challenges. The Learning Leaders Conference shares in our mission to be part of something bigger in order to bring about positive change through education. 

To learn more about the conference, visit the site and use code llc-berkeley (all lowercase) at checkout to receive your $500 discount.

We hope you can join us.

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