UPL OpenAg: Growing Leaders who Drive Innovation in a VUCA World

Committed to creating open agriculture for connected, sustainable growth, UPL OpenAg – a leader in global food systems and one of the top 5 agriculture solutions companies worldwide – is partnering with UC Berkeley Corporate Education to develop global business leaders who can drive and execute innovation in a VUCA world. 

“The principle challenge of strategy is not to manage what you know and what you control but to adapt to what you don’t know and what you don’t control.” 

Learning Leader at UC Berkeley Corporate Education

A group of Brazilian agriculture business leaders traveled to campus for two days this summer to participate in a custom-designed program teaching scenario thinking for innovative decision-making. They learned to apply tools and techniques to stress-test their strategies, challenge their assumptions, and make better decisions.

The group visited UC Berkeley’s Innovative Genomic Institute and heard from experts on gene editing with CRISPR-Cas9, monitoring soil nutrients using artificial intelligence, building trust and confidence in the food supply chain through Blockchain, and harnessing innate biology of plants and soil for better crop yields.

Our UPL OpenAg partnership is one example of how UC Berkeley Corporate Education develops and delivers custom programs for business impact. Read more about this curriculum, and let’s talk about ways to create leaders who drive and implement innovation in a VUCA world at your organization.

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